I Buried My Heart In Oklahoma

I watched in horror last evening as the human drama of an F5 tornado devastated Oklahoma. I feel the pain those parents feel for the loss of their children, their homes and their livelihood. No matter how much empathy we have, until you are in that situation you can only feel the horror from afar. It is far different to be in the eye of that storm, the eye of  horror and sadness. My prayers go out to you and my heartfelt condolences.

That having been said, what were they thinking? In 1999 a similar storm destroyed the same area. It is no secret that Oklahoma is in the bulls-eye of the tornado belt. Why was more not done to create a safe place in each school to protect the children. I realize that it is impossible to protect every child, as we saw with children drowning even though they weathered the storm. It is possible to provide a hardened structure for each school, a structure that will withstand the storm, protect the children.  As with any other political issue, it is a matter or willingness to allocate the funding, and the political will to see it through to completion. The same goes for schools in the Hurricane corridor.

Either protect our children, or agree that some lost children are the cost of politics as usual. We must also protect our children from insane gunmen, their enablers, and the gun industry with their front, the NRA. Do we have the political will to do so? From my observations, we only have the political will to drain corporate coffers and bicker about the issues. This is the opposite of the meaningful exchange of political ideas our Founding Fathers had envisioned. Maybe it is time for a second American Revolution, albeit one that has its roots and foundation in an American tradition, the ballot box. If the politicians do not serve the people, send them packing. If you do not have fresh ideas about what can be, shut the hell up. America does not need more Sarah Palins. America needs men and women of all ethnicities and races, who are prepared to roll up their sleeves and “Get Er Done.”

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