ICANetwork Growing Founders, Do You Want To Make Money?

The ICANetwork is growing and getting ready to create 100 new millionaires in the next year. Do you want to be one of them? If you have never heard of the ICANetwork before, it is the brainchild of Michael T. Glaspie, who has been in the forefront of internet marketing since 1997. Do you remember his early success with www.mysiteinc.com? That site is still in existence after 17 years. Why? It is because MikeG knows the market, and can tell the way the winds of internet marketing are blowing. You may ask, which way are the winds blowing? My friends, the winds are blowing into your pockets, using your ubiquitous mobile devices.

Web 3.0 is here, with millions of new devices being activated daily. It will not be long before that desktop computer is relegated to the closet or the junk heap (or more appropriately, the recycler). Your mobile devices will make it obsolete. Who could have foreseen just a few short years ago that we would be spending so much time surfing the web on our mobile phones, tablets and even iPods? That is the environment in which we find ourselves. Will you adapt and make money from this revolution, or will you sit on the sidelines and get in after the wave crests?

The ICANetwork is developing a slew of new Web 3.0 applications that will help every representative to make money, some in the millions. Their product launch as a MLM is just around the corner. Read more about the exciting opportunity to be a pre-launch founder here. http://www.prelaunchfounder.com/r/mwitkowski or read about this opportunity below.

“As you may know we have been quietly working on a secret project, keeping it close to our vest, for the past several months.

The ICANetwork is soon to go full-blown network marketing and it’s going to be a monster! See www.TheICANetwork.com for its current version.

In this letter I will not divulge all of the products that we will have available because I’m sick to death of competitors knocking us off. We have always been ahead of the curve, we’ve always led the market, and we intend to do so with this mega wealth building program also.

The B.S. Stops Now

It’s a fact. Most people never grow a significant business in network marketing. It’s not their fault, it’s the fault of the management. They don’t provide the proper tools, ie; marketing tools, or training, or assistance in growing the independent representative’s business, and that is just a terrible shame and it’s time to stop now.

Something else that’s going to stop, and this may shock you, and it may upset a few of our friends in the network marketing business… But most MLM companies who tell you and boast about all the commissions you’ll make on levels 4, 5, 6, and 7, breakaway this, breakaway that, etc., etc., ad nauseam, know for a fact that the vast majority of people never even get past level number three.

This does one thing, and one thing only -It lines the pockets of the company’s owners because they no longer have to pay commissions out on those levels in accordance with the compensation plan, and this is called “breakage.” Breakage is that secret little strategy in the network marketing business, that makes network marketing company owners rich, rich, rich.

But Not With Us

Our compensation plan is so simple it can be explained to anyone who has never even heard of network marketing, (more on that in a moment.)

It’s only three levels, and 100% of the commissions are spread across those three levels. That means huge money is paid on your first level, your second level, and your third level. We are very proud of this plan… We like to say we pay upstairs, downstairs, and sideways. Everybody gets an override on everybody else starting with just the very first person they sponsor. Kowabunga! This is huge! It is innovative, and it’s fair.

The People’s Program

It’s about time someone did it, and we are about to pull it off. This will be the world’s first “People’s Program” for the network marketing industry. Oh sure, we’ll make our money too, don’t worry about us, but we’ll make our money on the product sales, not on breakage and all those commission dollars that are never paid out.

We have only three levels of participation and they are:


SIR (Supervising Independent Representative

IR (Independent Representative)

Founders will pay $995 for that prestigious position, and once they own it they own it forever. No annual renewal, no auto-ship, no monthly fees, just maximum commissions on everything that happens.

A Founder may recruit, (and it will happen just from the website, and I promise you the website will do all the selling), another Founder, and earn $500 plus an override on all that Founder’s business, whether that Founder focuses on just sponsoring new people, other Founders, SIRs, or IRs; or whether that Founder focuses on just selling product – lots of technology product, I promise more on that in a moment – or whether that Founder focuses on both, it doesn’t matter. Founder’s get paid on everything that happens, in every group, for everyone they sponsor – sales and sponsorships of any new position.

Did I say the Founder makes the maximum override commission possible? They do! And they do across the board. After all, when a network marketing company pays out 50-55% commissions on product sales and sponsoring bonuses there is a great deal of money to be made by everyone.

SIR’s will pay $495 and a modest monthly fee of $29.95, which includes hosting of their site, management of their accounts (remember the website does all the selling), and their very own marketing app which will be one of the products and which will sell for $39 a month to the end user client.

IR’s will pay only $49 and will pay the same $29.95 monthly fee.

If you are already an IR or SIR you are grandfathered in, and will not be required to pay the $29.95 monthly fee.

Here’s where it gets real interesting. SIR’s and IR’s will make slightly less sponsoring bonuses and product sales respectively, remember, maximum commissions are paid to the Founder but the SIR and IR are welcome to upgrade at any time they want. An IR may upgrade to an SIR or all the way to a Founder, and of course an SIR may upgrade to the Founder position. But, just to be fair to the Founder whose group they are in… any business, anyone they have sponsored and brought into the program, all sales that they have made… All of our products except for one pay monthly recurring commissions, stay with the original person who sponsored them.

So, for example, a Founder will not lose an SIR or IR who upgrades. In fact, that Founder would be paid $500 of that upgrade fee.

I told you this was going to be big!

The SIR or IR who does upgrade will continue to be paid their product sales commissions from the entire group established under them prior to their upgrade and in accordance with their original position, they’ll simply move into a new position where they can earn even greater commissions on any new sales or sponsorships across the board.

Launch Time Is Right Around The Corner

At launch time, we will have a video detailing this, (and I promise you when you see it, it really is a simple compensation plan), and built for the people, and obviously all products will be in place and available at the site. It’s going to be truly amazing.

I’m sharing all this with you today because right now we are pre-positioning Founders, and only Founders, to be on the LAUNCH TEAM. If you are already a member of the ICA Network, your Founder’s fee commissions will be paid in accordance with this letter and will be paid to the person who brought you into the ICA Network… That’s right – $500 dollars.

And as a Launch Team Founder you are free to enroll up to three Founders underneath your Founder position. Invite them to be a Launch Team Founder as well.

Just send your personal and favorite candidates your unique link to this site (which will be assigned to you in your welcome letter after you join as a Founder). And then, please feel free to send me their name, email address, and phone. I’ll personally call them answer any of their questions and help bring them into the prelaunch team under you. No charge! That’s what we do here. We all work together as a team.

Email these to me at mtg@mysiteinc.com and use the subject line: Founder.

Remember, just because they join at the same level as you does not cut you out of the picture in any way. You earn $500 of their $995 signup fee, and an override commission and matching bonuses on everything they do.

This program is going to be a monster and every one of our products is designed for every business owner, every website owner, so as to be able to communicate with, advertise to, text to, and be seen by the growing legions of people who are accessing the internet via their smart phone and mobile devices.

It’s Sneaking Up Quietly and Quickly

Most people are not even aware of it, but already 50% of the marketplace accesses the internet via their smart phone. If a website takes too long to load because the graphics are too rich (too many dpi – dots per inch), guess what? That prospect is gone. If and when it does load, if the font is so small that they need a magnifying glass to read the site or worse yet, if the website has been pared down to a simple two or three pages it will not be effective. We have the software solution for that also – for every website owner, every business owner.

In fact, the ICA Network is all about getting more customers for any website or business, and the only way to do that as the internet continues to evolve is to have those products and services available to accommodate those mobile devices.

The Day Is Coming

You and I will see the day when 90% or more of internet traffic comes from a mobile device and mostly from smart phones.

It’s quietly taking place right now, it’s sneaking up on people and they don’t even realize how much business they are losing because

1) their website is not compatible, or

2) they have not positioned themselves to be found and seen by and communicate easily with the literal millions of new smart phone owners coming online every day.

Just this year in January, Google announced they were activating through their Android division over 1.3 million handsets a day and that’s just Google.

I told you this was going to be a monster and we are at the leading edge of it.

Now I fully admit to leaving out some important details such as what are the products exactly in this letter, but I reiterate it’s important that we keep this close to our vest. We intend to rule this market and be the first in everything we have, the only network marketing company with everything we have. It’s going to be truly amazing, it’s going to be ground breaking, and it’s going to make a lot of people a lot of money.

It’s time to end the hype, no more complex compensation plans. Even my eyes water over and I understand the industry extremely well with some of those compensation plans. No more breakage where the company makes 50, 60, or 70 percent in additional profits because they actually don’t pay out in very many cases past level #3 or #4.

If you want to be part of the launch team where you will have a 72-hour advance notice to begin all of your marketing, then now is the time. In fact, you can even begin right now making those $500 bills by referring other Founders as a Founder. And everyone you refer will also be on the launch team.

Launch is coming soon, and I personally commit to keeping all Founders up to date on the launch date. We have our final product of many in beta testing now, once it’s finished it will need to be incorporated in to the new site and if you know anything about programming and website construction especially with the complexity of a network marketing program you’ll understand that all of this takes time.

Grab your launch team Founder position now, because obviously after launch the advantage of being the first to tell and promote this explosive new concept and program will be lost. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me, the CEO, directly by sending me your name, email, and phone to mtg@mysiteinc.com. Include your name, email address, phone number, and the name of the person who referred you. I’ll call you and get to know you and answer any questions you may have. and I’ll pay $500 to the person who sponsored you.

Don’t misunderstand me – at launch time Founders, SIRs, and IRs will literally pour in but I’m offering you today the tremendous advantage to be the early bird that gets the worm.

With warmest regards,

The Entire Management Team
at The ICANetwork
“We are committed to your success””

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